Welcome at TAMA

Kenniscentrum TAMA offers Dutch courses on all levels as well as preparation courses for the Inburgeringsexamen in Alphen aan den Rijn. We also have various courses and activities such as the Language cafe where people can meet and speak Dutch with each other. Lessons take place in small groups. That way we can give our students the attention they need.


  • Our teachers are qualified of course, but they also know their students and how they learn.
  • At TAMA lessons take place in small groups.
  • There is a lot of attention for our students.
  • We can help our students when applying for a DUO loan.
  • We offer lessons at all levels.
  • The TAMA Language Cafe is a place to practice the Dutch language and meet other people.
  • At TAMA students learn a lot about the Dutch way of life and culture. We like to help them find their way around the Netherlands,

When you don’t have to take the Inburgeringsexamen and you want to take lessons in Dutch, TAMA offers lessons on various levels. It is also possible to take lessons in the evening. Please download our leaflet for more detailed information.

Flyer TAMA courses for those who do not have to take the Inburgeringsexam

Please contact us for more information on all our courses.

Our language cafe. At this language cafe we gave information on the Inburgeringsexamen.

One of the TAMA classes.